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Water Spot Removal

We can remove hard water stains from your car windows, just like we do on glass throughout your home or yacht! We restore crystal clarity to glass and optical plastic, our coating repels and beads water away and prevents future water spots and stains on treated surfaces. Get spotless glass car windows. Let our experts at the Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road remove water spots from your car windows! Works on windshields, side windows, side mirrors, headlights, tail lights, bug shields, and more

Ceramic Pro Water Spot Removal

Water spots on the glass are typically caused by mineral deposits and chemical etching when water is left to dry on the glass for a long time. It’s often made worse when a car has been left outside in the sun after you just washed it with normal tap water. When the water has evaporated from the surface, all the minerals and components that are left will easily stain and become fried into your glass. If this has already occurred and you are trying to find a solution to remove those water spots, then our Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road is the place to come to make sure your glass becomes crystal clear again. Water spots can sometimes be easy to remove, but other times they require help from real professionals. Our technicians have years of experience and work with the best techniques and products required to restore car windows to a new look again.  

Prices for Car Windows Water Spot Removal starts from $49.00 + GST

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