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Ceramic Pro Protective Coating

Looking for a way to keep the interior of your vehicle looking like new? You may be interested in visiting one of our Ceramic Pro Centre's in Auckland. We offer a premium interior ceramic coating which creates a hydrophobic barrier over the surface it has been applied to and protects the SURFACES FROM SPILLS AND STAINS. When liquid comes in contact with the surface, it beads off rather than being absorbed into the material.

Ceramic Pro Car Interior Protective Coating

When we work with your car’s interior, we coat every surface with Ceramic Pro’s flagship protective product: 9H. Included in our interior protections, we treat the following surfaces: leather, plastics, textiles, carbon fiber, Alcantara, suede, vinyl and any other interior surface used in the automotive industry. When surfaces are treated with 9H they are much easier to clean. The hydrophobic barrier and low surface tension of the coating make it difficult for grime to bond, meaning that you can easily wipe away a mess, even from white car leather seats in seconds. If your car’s interior is a bit old, Ceramic Pro 9H coating will restore and enhance your cars plastics and leather surfaces to a newer look.

If you’re looking for car interior protection, car seat protection with advanced coatings for leather, Alcantara, fabric, vinyl, or plastic, schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our experienced representatives and choose the best suitable interior package for your car.

Advantages of using Ceramic Pro on you Interior:
  • Suitable for all types of finishing materials (leather, alcantara, fabric etc);

  • Stops moisture and smells to stain the surfaces;

  • Prevents deep staining; 

  • Provides an easier to clean the surface of leather car seats

  • Restores and enhances plastics and leather materials

  • Environmentally friendly;

  • Significantly simplifies the care of the interior.

Car Interior Protective Coating Package Car Interior Protective Coating Package

alt 10 hours

Package includes:

    • Application of Ceramic Pro Primer for coating preparation
    • 1 x Spray Application of Ceramic Pro 9H on all interior surfaces
    • 1 x Sponge Application of Ceramic Pro 9H in the boot area
    • 1 x Spray Application of Ceramic Pro Textile on all upholstery, flooring, carpets and mats (excluding roof)

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