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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

From day one, our vehicle’s take a toll from the elements. Whether it’s gravel from an unpaved road, extreme weather or just everyday wear and tear, it’s important to maintain and protect a vehicle’s paint. Adding car protection film to your vehicle is an excellent way to protect your car from scratches, rock chips, dirt and debris. Advancements in recent technology allow our team to add this durable invisible layer of protection to your vehicle without compromising the style of your car. The car protection film has self-healing properties that will remove swirling and marring from your vehicle’s paint. Let your search for cars protective film end right here, with Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road. Paint Protection Experts.







Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Car paint protection film is a clear, invisible film that is extremely durable which was created to protect your vehicle’s paintwork. We offer several different packages to protect selected areas of your vehicle that are exposed and easily damaged. All of our technicians are certified experts at installing film to your vehicle, we work on all vehicle makes and models and specialise in high-end luxury vehicles and supercars. We will custom cut every wrap to perfectly fit your car to protect every panel and edge to ensure complete protection.

We take pride in using only the highest quality brands that include warranties from cracking, peeling, fading or yellowing. 

If you’ve been thinking about adding a paint protection film to your car then look no further than our friendly staff at Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road, based on the North Shore in Auckland. Let your search for paint protection film end right here. 


Want to know more about the PPF Paint Protection Films we use at Ceramic Pro on Wairau?

We use 3 brands of paint protection film: Kavaca, STEK and SunTek.  

KAVACA Regenerating Paint Protection Film offers a level of instant self healing never before seen in the PPF industry. This is the next generation of paint protection film. Kavaca’s self healing effect is instantaneous. It does not require a heat source like the paint protection films of the past. The second a surface scratch occurs it immediately begins disappearing right before your eyes. There has never been anything like Kavaca in the brief history of PPF. The fact that Kavaca is coated with Ceramic Pro makes it even better.


Standout Features:
  • Extreme high gloss surface

  • Reduced orange peel and no glue marks with PPF installation gel

  • Advanced chemical and corrosion resistance

  • Instant scratch healing without heating

  • Resistance to high temperatures

‌Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kavaca Regenerating Paint Protection Film offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  


STEK is revolutionizing the Paint Protection Film industry by producing the most advanced film technologies to protect the most advanced vehicles. With their leading Hydrophobic and Self Healing top-coat technologies and unmatched gloss factor, STEK offers a film for each drivers style to keep your vehicle a beautifully protected unique staple of your personality.

Our topcoat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in unmatched clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance. DYNOshield – the best automotive paint protection available from one of the worlds’ leading paint protection film manufacturers

DYNOshield Specifications
  • Glossy Finish

  • Hydrophobic (Advanced water-repelling properties)

  • Anti-Contamination (Easy to remove contaminants)

  • Stain Resistant

  • Fast Recovery Self – Healing (by heat or hot water)

‌10 Year Warranty

DYNOshield paint protection film is warrantied for 10 Years against delamination, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

SunTek Paint Protection Film Clear is a nearly invisible layer of sophisticated protection, with a high-shine finish that helps defend against all major enemies of pristine paint: rocks, salt, insects and road debris.
All layers of this advanced film are formulated for optical clarity, and the top coat offers added protection with the power to self-heal, using heat from the sun or an engine. This makes Paint Protection Film Clear a significant upgrade to automotive finish performance.


SunTek PPF Clear Specifications
  • Stain Resistance

  • Impressive Endurance

  • Self-Healing

  • Nearly Invisible

‌5 Year Warranty

The manufacturer warrants professionally sold and applied SunTek® Paint Protection Film (PPF Clear as applicable) against cracking, bubbling or yellowing caused solely by defects in manufacture or materials, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase of the Product. This limited five-year warranty applies only to SunTek Paint Protection Film.



Please Note: The package options below vary in price depending on what film brand is selected, if the paneling has fins/grills/scoops, how large the panels are, what type of vehicle you have and the complexity of the installation. Please contact one of our specialists today to find out more! 

Basic Car Paint Protection Film Package

Package includes:

    Basic: starting from $895

All prices exclude GST


Full Front Car Paint Protection Film Package

Package includes:

    Full Front: starting from $2,249

All prices exclude GST


Full Cover Car Paint Protection Film Package

Package includes:


    Full Cover: starting from $4,990

All prices exclude GST


Motorbike Paint Protection Film Package

Package includes:

    Our Motorbike PPF Package is a full motorbike PPF wrap, including PPF wrapping of the front fairing, front fender, full gas tank, rear fender, headlight/s. 

    At Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau, we can also price and apply film to specific areas of the motorbike (such as gas tank protector pads, half fairings etc). Feel free to contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements.

    Full Motorbike PPF Package starting from $695

    Partial Motorbike PPF wrapping starting from 89$

All prices exclude GST

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