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Panel and Spot Painting

If you have any scrapes, grazes, scratches, bumps, that you want to fix without the hassle of insurance or repainting the whole panel – our Spot Painting services are your answer. With specialists at hand, and the latest technologies and techniques, we can repair your damaged area without needing to repaint the whole panel – keeping the integrity of the manufacturer's paintwork. It is cost-effective and will freshen up your vehicle to a clean and flush finish.

Panel and Spot Painting, Partial Body Repair

Some of the best advantages of the partial body repair service we provide are the use of special techniques and our knowledge of paint systems allowing us to save a majority of the original paint-work, without having to repaint the full panel. The partial repair is specifically done to the damaged area and not the entire panel, which means even an experienced eye will not be able to determine the repair location once complete. 

Only highly experienced specialists will have the ability to accurately assess the type of damage, choose the correct method and materials, and match the colour to perform the repairs to the highest level of quality. 

Using modern technology and with years of experience, we have optimized the best techniques of partial body repair for a car and brought it to perfection. Choosing the Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road for Partial Body Repair, you are guaranteed the best quality job and you will save the original appearance of your car’s paintwork. 

The advantages of performing the partial body repair at CP on Wairau Centre: 
    • Professional equipment - our specialists only use modern equipment for repairs imported from the best suppliers from all over the world;

    • High speed of work completion - our equipment and experience allows us to perform all spot painting operations in a matter of hours;

    • Most of the repairs are held on the same day - “no need to postpone all your plans for tomorrow”;

    • Computer selection of paint - We use a digital technology scanning tool called a Spectrophotometer to accurately match the color of your paint;

    • High experience of our technicians gives you an accurate shade of the paintwork of your car;

    • Partial repair of parts - we only paint the surface area of the damaged part only, keeping the original manufactures paint as much as possible;

    • Our technicians consist of certified professionals who have worked for many years on high end class vehicles in the body repair industry;


All the Paint Systems used in our facility are from Spies Hecker - German made, its reputation was built on the high quality of its products, technology driven-innovation and promoting a close relationship with its partners.  

From time to time most drivers face unwanted blemishes and imperfections to their car's paintwork and body. Things from scratches to scuffs, chips to dents, and even a full-on side swipe! These defects won't affect the safety of your car, but unpleasantly distort the appearance of it. It's better to have your paintwork protected when it's new with Paint Protection Film, but if you didn't and some blemishes have already happened... Our Partial Body Repair Service will help you get rid of those minor and annoying damages within hours!


Panel and Spot Painting

Package includes:

    Get in touch with us today for a quotation on any Panel Painting, Spot Painting, Touch Ups, or Stone Chip repairs that you need.

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