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3-phase car wash

3-phase washing gives the body of your car an original shine and adds extra protection to your paintwork by using a premium wax from Koch Chemie. The whole procedure consists of several stages: Pre-Wash, Foam Shampoo, Cleaning and Surface Preservation. We have exclusive services available for Ceramic Pro coated vehicles and memberships available, all detailed below. If you wish to join our membership program, please send an inquiry through at the bottom of this section.

3-phase Car Wash

Guaranteeing the best car wash in Auckland at the Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau Road - a popular car wash service of a three-phase approach! The three-phase car wash in North Shore Auckland is very unique due to the special techniques our centre provides. The three-phase professional car wash technology is the way to quickly and efficiently take care of the cleanliness of your car by using chemicals imported from Germany - Koch Chemie, the best car care products manufacturer and approved by the worlds biggest car manufacturers. 

Stage 1. Pre-Wash

The first stage to our three-phase car wash system is to rinse the vehicle with water and to apply a special pre-wash detergent, in order to break down and / or dissolve the heaviest dirt deposits on the cars body, chrome, fixtures, wheels and so forth. After applying the solution and allowing it to sit on the cars body for some time, most of the dirt would have dissolved or will be easily washed away making the body safer to clean in the following stages.

Stage 2. Foam Shampoo

In the second stage, the car will be covered with a high-end foaming shampoo, after application this is manually rubbed with a professional grade washing sponge containing special pores which don't allow dirt to build up on the sponge. This therefore eliminates any damage to the paintwork of the body (e.g. swirl marks). By using this process, the car body is deeply and carefully cleaned and prepared for the next stage.

Stage 3. Surface Preservation

The final stage to our three-phase washing: Premium-grade German wax is applied to the car, which gives the paintwork a mirror-rich shine, creates a hydrophobic effect and added protection. The last part to the final stage is a contactless body drying system with the use of special equipment that blows warm air (60 degrees celsius) at a speed of up to 360 km / h, which will fully dry the vehicle effectively and efficiently.

If you are looking for a professional car cleaning service, we can provide you with the best quality car wash deals in North Shore Auckland. We ensure that you will receive an unrivaled service due the attention to detail and care taken by our experts on every vehicle.

3 Phase - Professional Car Wash Technology

Package includes:

    • Stage 1. Pre-Wash
    • Stage 2. Foam Shampoo
    • Stage 3. Surface Preservation

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