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about us

Ceramic Pro Centre's are pioneers in the professional automotive detailing industry. Since opening our first centre in 2015, our Ceramic Pro specialists have gained tremendous experience in comprehensive service, care and protection for all types of vehicles: cars, caravans, motorcycles, small aircraft, yachts, machinery and more. Relying on high skill, knowledge and modern technologies, all of Ceramic Pro's professional detailing centres confidently declare themselves as a dynamically developing company that adheres to the highest quality standards in its work. Our teams are focused to provide the best range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We strive to ensure our products and services are delivered with outstanding quality, value for money, and instil pride of ownership.

The main task of our Ceramic Pro Centre's is to protect your vehicle from the negative impact of environmental fallout, to give it the greatest possible appearance at all times, and keep it as new as possible for many years to come. We offer you a comprehensive range of services for maintenance, restoration, and protection. 

  • Vehicle Maintenance & Memberships

  • Paint Correction & Detailing

  • Spray method protective coatings (Ceramic Pro)

  • Paint Protection Films (PPF)

  • Vinyl Wrapping & Colour Change

  • Window Tinting

  • Liquid Colour Changes

  • Paint & Panel 

  • Wheel & Caliper Painting

  • and more 

Experience the next level in vehicle care with Ceramic Pro!


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